2A Magazines’ Awards – Words of Encouragement from the Magazine

Based on our viewpoints in 2A Magazine, We have always remained dedicated to support and give encouragement to new talented people in various fields of architecture, thus, we present ” 2A Magazine’s Mention” to outstanding architectural projects and other professional activities, This mention can be given in  many different situations.

 For instance ;

– If/when we receive an outstanding Architectural Article to be published in the magazine If the director decides to give special  recognition and encouragement to the architect, the director’s mention certificate is issued.

– Other social and professional activities which directly or indirectly contributes and supports the growth of architectural community, maybe entitled to receive 2A’s Mention (Director’s mention).

  Hence, 2As’ Awards are a significant way for professions and industries to set standards to persuade brilliance in architecture, and offer a leg-up to innovators. Through the 2A Continental Architectural Award, we strive to propose a critical service by recognizing excellent architecture all over the world. The 2A Architectural Awards: Encouraging Architects and Designs – Worldwide By organizing the Awards, we endeavor to honor more than a few architects, practitioners, regions as well as building types across the world. This is essential since architecture is still not always accepted and acknowledged as a profession central to building construction in different parts of the world. At the Awards, we have encouraged architects and builders to document as well as communicate their efforts more professionally and competently than ever before. The Awards aim to pay tribute to the highest level of imagination, ingenuity, creativity, innovation, inventiveness, originality, and exciting practices in the turf of architecture, interiors as well as design. To All Our Brilliant Participants Who Contributed To Our Efforts at 2ACAA We pass on good wishes to you for achieving brilliance in architecture and urbanism from an international viewpoint.  We feel overwhelmed to pay compliments to all the new developments in design and contributions you have made in the arena of architecture together with contemporary progressive processes consistent with modern design thinking. With the Awards, we aim to offer each passionate architect, a platform for discussing the architecture solutions that you contribute within the outline of your line of work. The contest aims to improve forward-thinking and futuristic trends and to make out new research that emerges from zealous builders and designers. The 2A Architectural Awards provides your work with a prospect for worldwide projection that extends beyond the conventional liaison between architects and their jobs. Focusing on your commendable efforts and endeavors, the Award strive to identify and pay accolades and a mark of respect to everyone who falls under the scale of Architecture.  We applaud you for delivering the highest standards of architecture, landscaping as well as a development while protecting the surroundings, legacy, and tradition. Best Wishes to All the Notable Contributors We are also appreciative of the support you have provided us in setting new standards of brilliance and quality in structural design, planning practices, historical protection in addition to the landscape architecture. With your support, the 2019 2A Continental Architectural Awards seek to recognize and support building concepts that effectively address the requests and aspirations of societies all over the world.    

Few of candidates’ projects which have received this acknowledgement are:

Bessa Hotel Liberdade, Lisbon, Manuel Ventura- Alpha tower, Meqdad Sharif- work space for innovative companies and learning center of Reignac, France, Antuine Guiraud- chavchavadze penthouse, Hamed Moradi Aleshtar- Lomo Resturant,vadim roudneff- wooden cube villa, Maku, Shabnam Khalilpour, Reza Asadzadeh, Equitorus and oat wreath, polina Nozdracheva- Waterfront Landscape Belt of Tonglu Fuchum River, Chen Binxin, Zhejlang and the building of Nariman Karimzadeh and Elahe Beheshtnezhad- Re- table, Syed Fawad Hussain, Pakistan. 
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