2A Continental Architectural Awards

2ACAA 2019 is for recognition of an individual contribution to today  architecture in terms of contemporary challenges of the field.  

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2A Interaction Forum (October 18th, 2019)

2ACAA Interaction Forum: Expanding sense of Architectural Possibilities Architecture is one of the most intricately discussed of all artistic practices A particular architectural instant takes into account of creative, technical, financial, social, political as well as communal issues of production  be an expression of the time Every admirer of architectural debate, is  mindful of the […]

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Cultural and Media Partners

Cultural and Media Partners of 2A Continental Architectural Awards for Asia- Oceania, Africa, Europe, South & Central America and North America (2ACAA 2019) Registration & Submission: May 15th- June 30th , 2019 Award Ceremony & Interaction Forum: October 18th, 2019  

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